Overwhelmed by workload? Distracted by looming deadlines? We handle IP support tasks promptly and precisely, freeing up your time and attention for other things. And we’ll also save you money.

IP annuities and renewals

Made on time and cost effectively.

Managing global annuity and renewal payments with a single supplier saves time, reduces costs and minimizes operational and financial risk. But finding the right IP administrative partner is critical.

At Delegate, we don’t insist on a minimum number of renewals and cases can be automatically instructed so there’s no risk of missed deadlines. With a proven track record of 100% fulfilment, rest assured you can rely on us.

  • Honest, upfront pricing — transparent, all-inclusive quotes fixed for 120 days
  • User-friendly web platform — 24/7 access and simple integration for instant visibility
  • Acclaimed customer support — the highest-rated in the industry*
  • Tailored service — shaped around your needs and processes

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*World Trademark Review, “Made to Measure?” non-legal services survey, Feb/Mar 2015

IP recordals

Streamlined project management. Guaranteed accuracy.

Updating IP rights can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Late or inaccurate recordals carry serious implications. And often your in-house team simply isn’t equipped to cope with a big recordals project.

By using Delegate’s knowledge and expertise you can mitigate the potential risk, while also reducing costs by 30-50% and saving in-house resource.

  • Project management approach — consolidated information and considered recommendations
  • Price certainty — quotes are fixed in advance and guaranteed for 120 days
  • Accurate pre-filled forms — proof checked and submitted on your behalf
  • Rigorous preliminary analysis — giving you a full overview of requirements

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Foreign filing

Efficient online ordering. Backed by leading IP firms in every jurisdiction.

Completing PCT national/regional phase entries or PCF filings requires a significant amount of time, resource, and an exhaustive understanding of local jurisdictional knowledge. Delegate offers a streamlined process that will save you time, worry and expense.

Continue relationships with your existing agents while accessing a whole new network. This -and more - comes with the added peace of mind of having a trusted partner to manage the entire process.

  • Simple — file in multiple countries with one set of instructions
  • Flexible — use your own or our top-tier local agents, or both
  • No hidden costs — with our fixed and single-currency quotes, guaranteed for 28 days
  • Save time — using accurate and pre-filled forms, ready to be executed

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Stand-alone translations by patent attorneys

Top quality translations. Best value for money.

Using an unreliable or imprecise translator is a sure-fire way to delay the progress of your filings, increase risk and send costs spiralling.

Delegate eliminates any uncertainty. Our paralegal teams perform systematic conformity checks that are continually assessed with routine, random substantive checks to safeguard the quality of all translations.

  • Reliable translations — by local patent experts and revised by patent attorneys
  • Internal conformity checks — an extra failsafe against inaccuracies
  • Expert source word count analysis — to get you the best possible price
  • In-depth external checks — by independent translation companies

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European patent validations (for EP attorneys only)

Secure, fast and cost-efficient ordering.

Coordinating with local agents. Dealing with multiple currencies. Executing Power of Attorney forms. It’s no wonder IP professionals are turning to specialists like Delegate to reduce the time and resources involved in validating a European patent.

Delegate makes ordering straightforward and lets you track progress in real-time. And thanks to our strict operational procedures, greater security and accuracy is guaranteed.

  • Instant online quotes — get a fixed price in seconds
  • Ready-to-sign forms — download pre-populated Power of Attorney forms
  • Accurate word counts — to ensure value for money
  • Rapid response times — to keep your order on track

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